Brushed Nickel Rain Shower System with 3 Body Spray Jets, 16Inch Large Luxury Modern Ceiling Shower Faucet Set

Color: Brushed Nickel
Style: 16 Inch
Sale price$643.60


  • THERMOSTATIC MIXER SHOWER : This thermostatic shower valve, which locks the temperature safely at 38 degrees (100°F) to prevent discomfort caused by excessively high and low temperatures.
  • CAN USED AT SAME TIME : Each shower function can be used alone or at the same time. The water flow of each shower can be adjusted individually.
  • LARGE RAIN SHOWER HEAD : 16 inches extra large shower head, spa-level shower experience, enjoy the large flow shower space. Mixing air and water to simulate the feeling of natural rainfall. Ultra-thin stainless steel material, modern style, durable.
  • 3 PCS SHOWER BODY JETS SPRAYS : The shower system with 3 pcs 3.97in * 3.97in super large shower jets sprays,high water pressure. New installation, in-wall installation saves space and is more beautiful. 25 superfine nozzles, easy to clean.
  • INCLUDE : The brushed nickel shower system includes 16 inches shower head(stainless steel), thermostatic valve(brass), handheld shower (shower hose is stainless steel)and adjustable shower seat(brass), 3 pcs shower jets(brass),5 pcs NPT adapters.
  • Drettyer provides a 5-year quality warranty for the shower system.If there are any problems in the installation or use of the product, please contact us. We will actively handle it for you.

The newly upgraded thermostatic shower system, enjoy the bathing experience.

Why choose us?

The three characteristics of drettyer thermostatic valve:

1. The temperature is fixed, which avoids burns caused by excessively high temperature or colds caused by excessively low temperature.

2. One function switch has two water outlets, under the condition of strong water pressure, you can design and choose the matching of the shower head by yourself.

3. Simultaneous water outlet function, multiple shower heads can be used at the same time, enjoy multiple shower experience.

Installation Note:There are two water outlets on a shower switch of the shower valve (one side is blocked with metal.If the water pressure in the house is strong, and you can disassemble it by yourself and call a plumber to install). At the same time, we are equipped with 5 pcs G1/2 to NPT1 /2 adapter to meet you need.


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