Vision Led By Faith

Tony Smith, is a man of God, who has spent the last 34 years trailblazing new paths in the hair/beauty industry.

He is a one-man powerhouse entrepreneur and the owner of Vonté products. Tony’s business experience ranges from retail sales, network market; to successful entrepreneur. Each endeavor, professional or personal, is led by his faith and trust in God. Tony leads his vision to make Vonté Product a global company, with his positive yet ferocious energy and credo:

“The amount of work you put into something will determine what you will receive from it.”

Mr. Smith began his quest as an entrepreneur at age nine. As a latchkey kid raised by a single mother, who worked two full-time jobs, retail sales became his activity of choice. This interest sparked his first small business, selling flowers on the street, followed by a paper route which perpetuated his drive . These activities allowed him to quickly embrace the value of money and the concept of saving.

During high school, Tony worked as a sales associate for a few local sales companies. While employed at the former electronic store giant, Circuit City, He progressed through the company from clerk to Store Manager; achieving employee of the month on several occasions allowing him to realize his true potential. During this time, he was presented with an opportunity to go into business for himself by selling hair products for a direct marketing company. This distributorship introduced Tony to entrepreneurship. He began selling products from his trunk prior to reporting for his retail store shift, during his lunch breaks, and after work. Success came swiftly enabling him to resign from his sale manager position to pursue direct marketing full-time. Shortly thereafter the direct market company went out of business.

Left with no job and boxes of unsellable hair care products, Tony felt compelled to start his own hair product business. He knew there was untapped earning potential in the hair care industry and knew he had what it took to put the best product on the market. 1994 marked the birth of both Tony’s first child and Vonté Hair Care Products first product: Mint Conditioner. Thereafter, Vonté introduced a product every six months. The vision of having product in every hair salon, beauty supply and home all over the world motivated Tony to visit and sell products to a minimum of 15 to 20 different salons daily. Regardless of the continuous rejection, Tony never quit. He broke through barriers every day with a positive attitude, trustworthy disposition, and smile. His drive, perseverance, and faith has made Vonté the success it is today.


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