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Our Mission

We are committed to providing minority own businesses a strategic platform that extends the reach and exposure of their brand. We will assist our members in marketing their products and services. Train them on new sales concepts and help them market to companies and manage their employees. We will provide this service and support in an effort to assist in increasing their sales revenue, and their longevity in the marketplace. We will create more jobs and an overall positive impact in our community.

The Dream

If you are a minority business, at some point you had a dream, then made a decision to just start. Your dream could include becoming a vehicle that could take care of your family. Or maybe your dream was to improve your quality of life. However, there have been obstacles, such as COVID, the economy, or life in general. The result of those obstacles may have dampened your dream. If so, we have a solution.

The Solution

BuyingDiverse (BuyingDiverse.com) provides the global scale for selling and flexibility to help your business adapt to uncertainty. Rather than selling only to your current customers – we help you to extend your client base and improve sales revenue. Rather than running your business alone, we combine our efforts with your effort and provide you with the training you need to thrive. Welcome to the world's largest minority business marketplace! We are the place that's right for you.

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Tomorrow’s workplace redefined for your growth

You will immediately benefit from strategies to prioritize your business growth and sharing. We’ve also brought in experts, working with providers that built platforms for major Corporate Partners companies, to provide us with an accelerated strategic direction. And that direction is fortified by marketing that boasts access to 18,000,000 potential buyers. But more than that, the Buy Diverse helps you to share and market your product without you having to do anything.

De-centralize your selling

Add to your local sales with worldwide strategies. Next, present you to buyers that are already on the platform shopping —making selling simple in this new workplace.

From the internet work and learn

We enhance your “work to home” growth with our marketing, professional training and fellowship with others just like you.

Centralize your support

Establish habits of growth based on your company and personal goals. Know that many of the elements needed for your development are located on the BuyDiverse platform. Join us!

Become a seller

We are helping our sellers become a new version of the American Dream… join us.

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Changing Lives

Changing Lives

A former athlete who now reaches back to help kids find their greatness. Passionate, Aspiring and Kevin, all mean the same.
Over Fifty ‘N Fit!

Over Fifty ‘N Fit!

A trainer to A-List stars who hails from an athletic family. A father who ran track to Olympic siblings, Dawn is perfectly suited to create results driven programs for the athlete in all of us.
Teenager to Mogul

Teenager to Mogul

It started with Shaiann playing with Mom’s makeup. Her creativity took over and she created products that landed her on major TV shows!